The registration will be done by your teamcaptain here. The registration will be open soon. We will inform all teamcaptains directly. If you don‘t know who your teamcaptain is contact us.

For the registration there will be two waves. The first wave with 300 People will start at the 3rd of March at 8:00pm (20:00). For the first wave there will be no waiting list. The money for all participants of the first wave must be transferred by the team captain to us before the 10th of march. If the money is not transferred to us by the team captain before the 10th of March the participation of the participant will be cancelled. The second wave with 300 additional participants will start at the 10th of March at 8:00 pm (20:00). There will be a waiting list if the Maximum of 600 participants is reached after the second wave. The money for all participants registered must be transferred to us by the team captain before the 17th of March.  If the money is not transferred in time the participant will be cancelled.  

Each time a participant is cancelled by us or a team captain the next person from the waiting list will be allowed to participate. The money must be transferred by the team captain within one week.  

Our bank details are:

Clausthaler Tanzbären e.V.

IBAN:   DE90268914840060573501


If you cancel your participation we will charge you a 5 € fee in case your slot can be taken by another dancer from the waiting list. If there is no one left on this list you won’t get a refund. 

If we have to cancel the ETDS due to very bad circumstances (e.g. fire, water, no permissions), we can‘t guarantee a (full) refund.